Iztok Osojnik: Elsewhere

Iztok Osojnik
Translated by Maria Jastrzebska, Ana Jelnikar
Published by: Pighog Press
Year of publication: 2011
ISBN: 978-1906309-09-1

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Elsewhere presents new and selected poems of the celebrated Slovenian poet Iztok Osojnik in a definitive English translation by Maria Jastrzębska and Ana Jelnikar.

The volume captures the extraordinary breadth of Osojnik's oeuvre, which addresses the rapid displacement and change experienced by his nation while maintaining an admirably international outlook.

The poet's travels to East Asia clearly provided him with a rich seam of experience and the jet-lagged flânerie of poems such as 'Green Skyscrapers' opens the way to a telling exploration of globalisation and cultural drift.

A more lyrical persona comes to the fore in 'Ode to a Hind,' while selections from 2004's Mister Today chart the moving and funny struggles of a character who pins the very meaning of life on poetry.

Osojnik's work is also anthologised in Here.


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