Tatjana Jamnik

1976, Slovenia

Tatjana T. Jamnik was born in 1976 in Ljubljana. She is a poet, writer, literary translator, editor, publisher and organizer of literary events in Slovenia and other countries. She graduated in Slovenian language and literature at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. In 2009 she published the poetry collection Brez (Without), at the moment preparing a short story collection Neznosna lahkost lahkost (Unbearable lightness lightness). Her poems and short stories were published in Slovenian and foreign literary journals and anthologies, they were translated into English, Czech, French, Croatian, Japanese, German, Polish, Slovak and Serbian language. She earns her livelihood by translating Czech and Polish literature (in 2009 she received an award for best young translator), editing and proof-reading literature, and teaching Slovenian as a foreign language. She is a chair of Polica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association. Together with Slovenian poets Taja Kramberger and Barbara Korun she established the KONS International Literary Award® in 2011.


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The 13th Golden Boat Poetry Translation Workshop 2015

The 13th Golden Boat International Poetry Translation Workshop

The 13th Golden Boat International Poetry Translation Workshop will be held from 23rd to 30th August 2015 at Škocjan in the Karst and Ljubljana.
This year's workshop will be attended by Petra Kolmančič, Goran Č. Potočnik, Urška P. Černe, Nino Flisar, Tatjana Jamnik, Muanis Sinanović as well as two translators of the youngest generation, Anja Sredić and Špela Kopitar.
We will also be joined by our guests from abroad: Anupama Amaran (USA, Tamil Nadu), Ivo Landžev (Bulgaria), Goro Takano (Japan), Ana Brnardić (Croatia), Agnieszka Żuchowska-Arendt (Poland), Jacek Lenkiewicz (Poland) and Kari Klemelä (Finland).
As usual, the workshop will be led by Iztok Osojnik.
Participants of the Golden Boat shall present their work at two literary readings: on Thursday, 27th August, at 20:00 in front of the Church of St. Cantianius in Škocjan and on Friday, 30th August, at 11:00 in Trubar's House of Literature in Ljubljana and also on the website www.ia-zlaticoln.org.

The workshop is supported by Slovenian Book Agency, Tourist Association Škocjan, Škocjan Caves Park, Pólica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association, KD Vilenica Art Society, Krka d.d. and Apokalipsa Cultural and Artistic Association.



Sunday, 23 August
19:00 – Welcome dinner

Monday, 24 August
9:30 – Working session
13:00 – Lunch
19:00 – Dinner

Tuesday, 25 August
9:30 – Working session
13:00 – Lunch
14:30 – Excursion (Škocjan caves)
19:00 – Dinner

Wednesday, 26 August
9:30 – Working session
13:00 – Lunch
15:00 – Walking excursion
19:00 – Dinner

Thursday, 27 August
9:30 – Working session
13:00 – Lunch
18:30 – Dinner
20:00 – The Golden Boat reading in Škocjan

Friday, 28 August
9:30 – Departure for Ljubljana
11:00 – The Golden Boat Reading at the
 Trubar Literary House in Ljubljana
12:30 – Free afternoon in Ljubljana
20:00 – Return to Škocjan

Saturday, 29 August
9:30 – Discussion on translating poetry
13:00 – Lunch
20:00 – Dinner

Sunday, 30 August
Departure after breakfast


Petra Kolmančič, Nino Flisar, Goran Potočnik Černe, Urška Černe Potočnik, Muanis Sinanović, Tatjana Jamnik, Anja Sredić, Špela Kopitar in Iztok Osojnik (Slovenia), Anupama Amaran (USA), Ivan Landžev (Bolgaria), Goro Takano (Japan), Ana Brnardić (Croatia), Agnieszka Żuchowska-Arendt (Poland), Jacek Lenkiewicz (Poland) in Kari Klemelä (Finland).

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